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Successful business ownerBusiness Owners are overpaying Taxes and not getting the Advice they need

At Kaufmann Advisors, we know that you have enough going on in your business that you don’t want to worry about your accounting and what tax strategies are available to you. That’s why our goal is to help business owners like you pay less tax, organize your financial information, and grow your business.

We believe that things don’t have to be that hard and that every problem has a solution.


Tax Planning Certified: We help you pay less legally and reach your goals faster!

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about taxes. And the reality is that taxes can play a crucial role in the success of your business. And being tax optimized and properly structured can help you get to your goals faster.

Most CPA firms are only focused on tax preparation and compliance. We start with tax planning and supporting you throughout the year so that when we file your taxes you’re actually getting a return on investment from our services!

Tax laws and regulations change every year and every time we have a new administration in the White House or in Congress. That’s why we stay on top of changes with monthly tax education so we can advise you on new strategies or ideas.


QuickBooks Certified: Streamline Your Accounting

Husband and wife doing taxes

We also offer comprehensive accounting support for businesses, including QuickBooks setup, monthly bookkeeping and CFO services.

Once your books are set up correctly and your financial information is properly organized, you’re able to see what happened in your business. You can then use this information to make better future decisions such as setting your marketing budget, hiring new employees or buying new equipment.

With our forward-looking CFO services, we can help you maximize your business, pay less taxes and reach your goals faster while avoiding costly mistakes.

We understand the importance of having accurate financial information to make informed business decisions, and we’re here to help you streamline your accounting processes and grow your business.


The Cost of Tax Mistakes

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, 9 out of 10 businesses owners are overpaying their taxes. And we see this every time we take on a new client. People are quite literally overpaying tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and they are doing this year after year. The crazy thing is that this is entirely avoidable.

That’s why when we take you on as a client, we start with a comprehensive tax analysis and really get to know you and your business. Then we create a report with specific recommendations and tax savings ideas along with how much each strategy will save you in taxes. All of our recommendations are backed up by IRS code and court cases.

Let’s make sure that you are not one of those business owners that continue to overpay year after year.


Business owner saving money on taxesOngoing Proactive Advising

We believe in a proactive, collaborative approach. We work with you throughout the year to understand your needs and goals, and we provide customized advice to help you reach your goals. You get access to quarterly meetings and when you just need to ask a question or need someone to bounce ideas off of, we are always available by scheduling through our online calendar. All of this is included in your proactive tax advisory services agreement. We’ll design a custom plan for you and you won’t get any surprise bills throughout the year.

If you’re a profitable business and want to find out more, then why wait? Schedule a meeting and see if you’re a good fit to work with us.

“At the end of the year I can rest easy because I know my books are in order…

Kaufmann Advisors provides business planning

and advising for my firm’s growth and tax strategies as well.”

Jesse C.

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