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FAQ: Deductions

Question: Can I deduct separate maintenance paid to my spouse or alimony paid to my former spouse?
If you are separated or divorced, you may generally deduct payments of separate maintenance or alimony paid in cash (including check …

Upcoming Tax Deadlines


File Form 730 and pay tax on wagers accepted during August.

File Form 2290 and pay the tax for vehicles first used during August.

Deposit payroll tax for payments on Sep 26-28 if the semiweekly deposit rule applies.

Deposit payroll tax for payments on …

QuickBooks Help & Training

Looking for QuickBooks help from a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor?


If you're looking for accounting and bookkeeping services for your business in San Francisco or across the US, you've come to the right place. We can help you with all your outsourced bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Need help understanding your financial reports? Having problems organizing your chart of accounts? Our accountants only work with business owners so that your financials stay organized and we can help you with financial and tax advice throughout the year.

QuickBooks Setup

We've taught hundreds of business owners how to use QuickBooks more effectively. We will clean up your chart of accounts and customize it for your industry. Financial reports a mess? We can help!

Training & Support

We provide ongoing check-in and maintenance so that you don't fall behind. We can also provide a customized package of bookkeeping services.

Financial Meetings

Ever feel like you need a CFO to bounce ideas off of and help you understand your financial reports? We can provide ongoing advice to help you be more profitable and grow your business.

“Simon Hase has taught me how to use QuickBooks to measure

my business performance and has implemented a tax mitigation strategy…

He is reliable, smart and well prepared. I have been very impressed by his work.”

Chris A.

Start getting organized today.

Free Consultation


Kaufmann Advisors is a California based accounting firm with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
We specialize in working with US-based and international businesses.
Our CPAs and accountants can help you with your bookkeeping, tax planning and tax preparation needs.
We can help you setup your QuickBooks and customize your chart of accounts so you can better understand your business performance.

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