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Accounting services for small and medium sized businesses.

Helping you with strategy and advice the entire year, not just at tax time.


Strategic Tax Planning & Advice
Almost every year there are new additions or changes to the IRS tax code and in 2017 Congress passed the biggest change in the tax code since 1986. If you are a small business owner, you want to know how these tax laws, tax credits and tax loopholes apply to you and your business.

Luckily for you, we stay up to date on new strategies and IRS regulations through continuous education. All Certified Public Accountants are required to do a minimum amount of annual training. However, as a Certified Tax Planner, we go beyond the minimum and stay current on ideas that help pay less to the IRS and allow you to reinvest that money into your business so that you can accomplish your goals.

Small Business Accounting Services
We know that you have your hands full running and growing your business and that you don’t have time to figure out accounting or QuickBooks on your own. With our flexible level of services, we can either coach you and your staff on accounting best practices or we can do the bookkeeping for you. You can rest assured that the bank reconciliations stay up to date.

Then we meet with you every month or quarter to review your financial reports with you. We’ll go over the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows so you understand your business performance and we can look at any problems or opportunities. We’ll also create a custom projection from your information so that you can see how the decisions you make now impact your cash flow within the next 12 months.

Tax Preparation & Compliance
Since we work with you throughout the year, tax time is a breeze. From our regular meetings, we’ll know what your numbers looks like and you’ll save more money because you’ve been implementing smart strategies the whole year.

We use a consultative process to file your taxes. We don’t just plug in your numbers and give you something to sign, we want you to have an understanding of where the numbers came from. This way we can make any last minute adjustments and you have the peace of mind that your taxes were filed correctly.

Small Business Accounting Services

We help you keep your books up to date and reconciled. With accurate data, we can help you budget and project business cash flow.

- QuickBooks set up and training
- Bookkeeping services
- Review and analysis of financial reports
- Cash flow projections

Tax Advice & Proactive Tax Planning

Wondering how to minimize your taxes, legally?

With our tax analysis and planning tools, we can help you create a plan and minimize your tax liability with plenty of time before the year is over. We don't just meet with you once a year for tax preparation, we have conversations with you throughout the year to monitor the financial health of your business and to help you make better decisions.

- Sole-proprietorship, LLC or Corporation
- Maximize itemized deductions
- Maximize business deductions
- Smart retirement plans
- Health insurance through your business
- Tax strategies for different points in your life
- Retirement strategies for business owners
- Real estate strategies

Tax Preparation & Compliance

After helping your create a personalized, comprehensive tax plan, we will prepare and file your state and federal tax returns.

- Individual tax returns
- Business tax returns
- Sole-proprietorship taxes
- LLC taxes
- S-corporation taxes
- C-corporation taxes
- Strategies to maximize your deductions
- Industry-leading tax software

Business Consulting

90% of our clients meet with us regularly either monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs. We want to help you succeed.

- Review and analyze financial reports
- Update cash flow and financial projection
- Make recommendations on your plans
- Customized cash flow projection and profitability tools

QuickBooks Consulting

Does your accounting not make sense? Wondering if there is a better or easier way to use QuickBooks?

We’ve trained thousands of business owners across the United States on accounting best practices and QuickBooks software.

- QuickBooks ProAdvisor certified
- Custom set up for your industry
- Custom chart of accounts
- QuickBooks training for you or your staff

“The very first day of working together, they found all sorts of errors

that my previous accountant had either created or missed.”

Ashley L.

Start running your business more efficiently today.

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